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Kenneth Young, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Young earned his doctorate from Azusa Pacific University in 2007. He completed an APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship at the Cincinnati Veterans Medical Center with a focus on Neuropsychology. He worked for State Operated Forensic Services in various capacities, including Treatment Director for the ASPD/Psychopathy unit, where he also supervised practicum students and predoctoral interns completing assessment rotations and coordinated the Assessment Didactic program. He has taught a classes at Argosy University in the Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology programs. He has experience in psychological evaluations in a variety of areas including personality and neuropsychological assessment. His current interests include posttraumatic stress disorder, disability examinations, and neuropsychological assessments.

    Curriculum Vitae

    Minnesota LP


    Psy.D. Clinical Psychology: Family Psychology
    Azusa Pacific University (APA Accredited), Azusa, CA

    M.A. Clinical Psychology,
    Azusa Pacific University (APA Accredited), Azusa, CA

    B.A. Bible and Religion
    Harding University, Searcy, AR


    Gary L. Fischler, & Associates, PA: Consulting and Forensic Psychologists
    Assessment Psychologist
    – Provide disability psychological assessments for the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center


    State Operated Forensic Services

    Treatment Director
    – Antisocial and Psychopathy Unit


    · A maximum-security forensic hospital as part of the Minnesota Department of Human Services for the care and treatment of forensic and civilly committed patients. Commitment types included: mentally ill and dangerous, and mentally ill


    · Treatment Director on a multidisciplinary team providing treatment for 24 male patients with prominent Antisocial behavioral problems and/or identified as having high psychopathy scores on the PCL-R.

    · Research evidence-based practices and develop a therapeutic milieu for the treatment of this population. Provide training/mentoring to staff, develop curriculum, and ensure implementation of the treatment model.

    · Assessment of dynamic risk factors for re-offense.

    · Assist with treatment planning, curriculum development, relapse prevention planning, initial psychological assessments, treatment reports to court, and reports for special review board hearings.

    · Co-facilitator of Intern Assessment Seminar teaching assessment of memory, executive functioning, language, attention, and cognitive screening instruments.

    · Supervision of intern and practicum student assessment rotation.

    Unit Psychologist

    · Unit Psychologist on a multidisciplinary team providing treatment for 28 male patients with various serious and persistent mental illnesses. Individual and group therapy focusing on identifying risk factors for relapse/re-offense, dual diagnosis, relapse prevention planning, and symptom education.

    · Psychology consultant for Med-Psych unit of 20 patients.

    · Assist with treatment planning, curriculum development, relapse prevention planning, neuropsychological and initial psychological assessments.


    Cincinnati VA Medical Center (APA and Division 40 Accredited Internship)

    · Medical Center providing a wide variety of medical and psychological services for veterans in the Cincinnati area, including Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana


    · Conducted 3-4 neuropsychology evaluations per week, scored, interpreted, and wrote integrated reports; presented results and consulted with interdisciplinary staff for treatment recommendations.

    · Performed individual therapy with 6-10 patients per week.

    · Co-facilitated 3 process groups, 1 psychodrama group, and 1 psycho-educational group per week in residential inpatient substance abuse program.

    · Attended neurology grand rounds, observed assessments in Parkinson’s Disorder clinic, and observed DBS surgery.


    Patton State Hospital (Psychology Practicum)

    · A 1,400 bed maximum-security forensic hospital as part of the California Department of Mental Health for the care and treatment of forensic and civilly committed patients. Commitment types included: not guilty by reason of insanity, not competent to stand trial, mentally disordered offender, mentally disordered sex offender, and various civil commitments (i.e., LPS and Murphy conservatorship).


    · Conducted neuropsychological screening assessments, forensic psychodiagnostic assessments, and clinical intakes; wrote integrated treatment reports, consulted with multidisciplinary treatment team, made treatment recommendations on hearing impaired unit and admissions unit for female mentally ill prisoners.

    · Attended seminars on issues in forensic psychology, conducting clinical interviews with chronically mentally ill patients, and forensic assessment/interpretation.


    Aurora Charter Oak Behavioral Health Center, Covina, CA 91724


    · A free-standing, private psychiatric hospital


    · Needs Assessment Referral Counselor in the psychiatric emergency room.
    · Performed intake assessments for inpatient/outpatient programs, determined appropriate referrals to community resources, reviewed clinical information and preliminary diagnosis with psychiatrists, obtained authorization of with patient’s insurance company, and provided crisis intervention over the phone.
    · Arranged patient transfers from area hospitals and emergency teams.



    Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles Medical Center (Psychology Practicum) Los Angeles, CA


    · A major teaching hospital servicing nearly 3 million members in the greater Los Angeles area. Patients were referred to assess cognitive functioning, clarify diagnosis, and rule out dementia.


    · Administered, scored, and interpreted neuropsychological test batteries; presented findings, wrote integrated reports, and provided feedback to clients.

    · Attended seminars on neuroanatomy, variants of dementia, traumatic brain injury, malingering, assessment of disability, HIV/AIDS- related dementia, diversity issues related to assessment, and cognitive assessment of children.



    Verdugo Mental Health Center (Psychology Practicum), Glendale, CA


    · A community mental health center funded by Los Angeles County with over 1000 individuals in an ethnically diverse community. Clients had severe, chronic mental illness and were indigent in order to qualify for services. Clients were frequently homeless, unemployed, or on disability.


    · Provided short-term individual therapy, long-tem psychotherapy, case management family consultation, and group therapy.

    · Performed intake evaluations, developed treatment plans, provided crisis intervention, case management, and coordinated services with multidisciplinary team.

    · Co-facilitated a weekly psycho-social skills building group.

    · Attended seminars on issues in community mental health, psychotic disorders, psychosocial treatment model, psychotropic medication, diversity issues, and the role of psychology in the formation of public policy.


    Fall 2009 to Present

    Adjunct Faculty Member – Argosy University, Twin Cities Campus

    Courses Taught:

    · Individual Assessment

    · Sex Offender Evaluation and Treatment

    · Professional and Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychology

    Fall 2005

    Coordinating Teaching Assistant – Rorschach

    Professor: Robert Welsh, Ph.D.


    · Served as primary TA for the course assigning students to lab groups.

    · Coordinated all questions concerning scoring and interpretation for all TAs.

    · Assisted in determining learning objectives with professor.

    Spring 2005

    Teaching Assistant – Psychobiology

    Professor: Annette Ermshar, Ph.D.


    · Organized and assisted lab assignments relating to sheep brain dissection.

    · Facilitated class discussion, proctored exams and graded assignments.

    Fall 2004

    Teaching Assistant – Rorschach
    Professor: Robert Welsh, Ph.D.


    · Provided weekly lab for students.

    · Assisted with scoring and interpreting test results.

    · Graded class assignments.



    Prefrontal Behavioral Data on Insanity Acquittees with Psychotic Spectrum Disorders


    · Provided weekly lab for students.

    · Assisted with scoring and interpreting test results.

    · Graded class assignments.


    2002 – present

    American Psychological Association (APA)


    April, 2008

    Brain-Behavior Relationships

    Staff Development, State Operated Forensic Services Guest Lecture at Argosy University

    July, 2008

    The MOCA: An Alternative to the MMSE

    Psychology Department, State Operated Forensic Services

    October, 2008

    Diagnoses and Symptoms: Knowing the Difference

    Family Education Day, State Operated Forensic Services

    March, 2009

    Identified Learning Issues

    Psychology Department Training, State Operated Forensic Services


    Antisocial Personality Disorder

    Multiple Presentations for Staff Development, State Operated Forensic Services