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What agencies say about us


  • “Always excellent and very timely.”
  • “Very professional service with useful results.”
  • “Great feedback and one on one time as needed.”
  • “Called right away after meeting the candidate. Really appreciate the quick call back. These are often done on short notice and the call back allows the dept. to proceed or move on.”
  • “Prompt and courteous as always.”
  • “Professional and thorough and easy to make a decision with good information”
  • “Typically our new hires are given your contact information and I know that I will hear from the psychologist. Your staff handles everything I don’t have to worry.”
  • “Scheduling evaluations has been easy and the staff very accommodating. Evaluations are extensive and completed in a timely manner with phone and written results.”
  • “Very professional throughout the entire process from making the appointment to getting the results of the evaluation.”
  • “Very much appreciate the ability to complete written screening portion as a group (for our department). It really streamlines the process for our firefighter candidates.”
  • “Psychologist’s report was concise and useful. In our case it was used for fit for duty.”
  • “Easy to read and understand (your reports).”
  • “Clear and easy to understand in terms of informing the decision.”
  • “Very clear and detailed (reports)”
  • “It is amazing how much information can be gathered from the report and how accurate it can be.”
  • “The written evaluation was clear and concise and helped me in not making a potential 20-year mistake. The information is simply invaluable to our decision.”
  • “You are also very accessible and open to discussion.”
  • “Excellent communications both written and verbal. Conversations were very helpful in explaining (your) opinion.”
  • “The foundation for the conclusions was in each case recognizable and clear.”
  • “I like that the evaluators have called with concerns and explained the rationale behind them before I meet with the candidate and recommend someone to the sheriff.”
  • “The verbal report is very helpful prior to reading the written report. Vary rarely will I have questions after the two reports.”
  • “The phone calls to discuss results are appreciated.”
  • “Leaves absolutely no question as to the results of the evaluation.”
  • “We are typically able to get (an exam scheduled) within a week”
  • “Always very good about getting us in, usually on short notice too!”
  • “I appreciated the flexibility in changing the appointment.”
  • “We (meaning our Agency) had a lot problems with scheduling, your staff was accommodating in every way possible. THANK THEM for me….”
  • “Very accommodating. Because of miscommunication on our part, our candidate missed the scheduled interview. We were able to reschedule right away.”
  • “Very accommodating to our needs.”
  • “I have used (Gary L. Fischler & Associates) for years …”
  • “…the service, evaluation, and verbal/written reports are more comprehensive and meet the needs of specifically public safety related positions. Past services from other psychologist were very broad, vague, and not public safety focused.”
  • “…we are getting a much more thorough evaluation of potential staff.”
  • “…your final product is much more detailed and user friendly than others that I have reviewed.”
  • “I have discussed your services with other agencies and highly recommended you.”
  • “Not only would I recommend (Gary L. Fischler & Associates) but I have done so in the recent past.”
  • “The service you provide has been excellent. The reports on the candidates are very accurate and very helpful during the FTO process.”
  • “We have had wonderful success with you.”
  • “We have been incredibly happy with the pre-employment evaluations we have received. We would not hire without them.”
  • “Very thorough and complete. In addition, I have received follow-up phone calls from the psychologists.”
  • “Quality service with a convenient process.”
  • “Very supportive of the concerns we had.”
  • “Very accommodating!”
  • “My only thought is that I would do it earlier in the process!”
  • “You offer a timely service with quality results, both of which you have a right to be proud of!”
  • “Dr. Faul followed up quickly with a verbal report and about a week later I received the written report. The written report was very thorough.”
  • “This was the first time I used the Leadership and Management Evaluation. I was pleased with the reports and they were helpful to me in making a promotion decision.”
  • “Karen was helpful in scheduling the appointments and checking with the doctor and getting back to me on time requirements and availability.”
  • “I have always been pleased with the services Dr. Leaveck and Dr. Faul have provided.”
  • “Very thorough and very detailed information which provides us with a better rationale for making hiring decisions!”
  • “My only other experience was with Goodhue County and the quality was improved ten-fold.”
  • “The psychologists have always made themselves available even by cell phone if they are not available in the office or if it is after hours.”
  • “I find your reports to be very useful in making hiring and promotional decisions. I value the quick phone call, usually within 2 days from some brief information so I can move my hiring process along.  I also like the detail in the written reports. We use the information in the reports to help us monitor and address items during training so that we can set direction early for our recruits.”
  • “The insight is invaluable in helping us determine how well a candidate will fit our organization. The verbal reports help clarify potential concerns and ensures that everyone is working toward the same goal. It is difficult to exaggerate how successful our working relationship has been with Dr. Fischler’s Office. They not only understand our needs, they actively seek ways in improve results that help us make good decisions.”
  • “For my last hire the psychologist called to follow up with the report I was given. Great service and it was nice to have any questions on the report explained to me by the person who wrote the report.”
  • “Dr. Faul’s reports were excellent and very helpful in helping me understand why the candidate was a “not recommend” and relating the concerns that appeared in the examination to difficulties that would be expected in police work.”