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Fitness-For-Duty Evaluation (FFDE)

Sometimes problems related to family or relationship issues, psychological trauma, maladaptive personality traits, stress-related symptoms, or alcohol or substance use can affect an employee’s ability to perform his or her job in a safe and effective manner. Whatever the cause, a thorough psychological assessment of an employee who is demonstrating problems on the job can help him or her get the right kind of help and get back to safe and productive work as soon as possible. Sometimes an employee needs to be removed from his or her job, at least temporarily. However, remediation strategies can often be identified that will allow an eventual return to work. When appropriate, we also identify workplace modifications that can help the employee return to the job safely and effectively.

An FFDE protects the employee, the employer, and the public from potentially dangerous behavior. It can also protect the employer from accusations of negligence in hiring or retention. “Red flags” that may suggest that an FFDE exam is necessary include:


  • Angry outbursts
  • A pattern of poor judgment
  • Interpersonal withdrawal
  • Conflicts with coworkers or the public
  • Poor reliability and dependability
  • Bizarre behavior
  • Excessive use of sick leave
  • Known domestic problems or abuse
  • Known substance abuse
  • Known sexual misconduct
  • Repeated talk about being “stressed out,” “burned out,” or depressed


An FFDE exam typically consists of objective personality and cognitive tests, records review, and in-depth interviewing of the employee. We make clear recommendations based on objective information that address the employer’s questions related to the employee’s safety, effectiveness, and likelihood of rehabilitation.


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