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Pre-employment Screening

Our pre-employment screening examination uses an in-depth interview along with several well-standardized tests of personality, cognitive ability, and personal background to arrive at the most accurate predictions of success or potential problems in the specific job applied for. We work with the employer to determine the best selection criteria for the specific position in question.

Pre-employment testing helps the employer determine the applicant’s level of:


  • Integrity, dependability, and reliability
  • Intelligence, concentration, and judgment
  • Ability to work on a close-knit team, respond appropriately to supervisory input, and deal with the public
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Motivation and productivity
  • Stress tolerance

Pre-employment testing helps improve the quality of your hiring process by:


  • Reducing counterproductive work behavior
  • Improving work quality and productivity
  • Improving communication and organizational functioning


Pre-employment screening is cost-effective, with regard to the initial cost and to the substantial savings realized by preventing future problems and improving organizational effectiveness.

To learn more about how a pre-employment screening program can help your organization, please contact us for a free initial consultation.

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