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Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation

Getting back to work after an injury or illness is extremely important to one’s sense of emotional and financial well-being. However, psychological problems, whether preexisting or caused by the injury or illness, can have a profound impact on one’s ability to return to the workplace. Sometimes an appropriate career change is the best choice. Sometimes disability determination is the most appropriate course to pursue.

Our clinical psychological assessments for vocational rehabilitation purposes evaluate many functional strengths and weaknesses, such as cognitive and academic skills; personality characteristics; emotional functioning; interests, abilities and style in working on a team; dependability and reliability; and the ability to tolerate stress and supervisory demands.

We make recommendations for training, education, or job placement and help your client get going in a productive direction.

You may also be interested in reviewing  Vocational Impact of Psychiatric Disorders: A Guide For Rehabilitation Professionals   by Gary Fischler, Ph.D., and Nan Booth, MSW, MPH.

Vocational rehabilitation professionals may also be interested in learning more about our Interpersonal Effectiveness in the Workplace Class as a resource for clients who could improve their ability to obtain or maintain jobs by developing better interpersonal skills with supervisors, coworkers, or the public.

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